June Barre Star – Shaira

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Meet our June Barre Star, Shaira! Shaira has taken over 100 classes at Barre Forte since starting with us in January.  She is crushing it!

She shows up, works hard, and has become an integral part of our Barre Forte family! We appreciate her bringing her friends and coworkers to the Barre, too! The entire team is impressed with Shaira's commitment to her health, which is why she has been overwhelmingly selected as our June Barre Star.

We love having Shaira as a part of our Barre Forte Family, and we are excited to see her continue to thrive at the Barre! Read on to learn more about Shaira below.

Where are you from, and how long have you been in Gainesville?

I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the states when I was 5 years old so Gainesville has been home for 38 years.

2) What's your favorite Barre-themed shirt.

Coffee, Water, Wine, Repeat

3) What you do when you're not at Barre?

I love to get to the beach as often as possible as well as take road trips with my husband and son.

4) Was your first Barre class what you expected?

After a lot of persuasion and encouragement from Erica McCray (instructor & friend) to give it a try I finally built up the courage to take a class at Barre Forte and was impressed by how I could get a great full body workout in just one hour.

5) Why did you decide to continue with Barre Forte after your free week by investing in an unlimited membership?

I decided to invest in the unlimited membership as part of my 2018 New Year’s resolution to become a better version of myself by working on taking time for myself and my body. The sense of empowerment that I felt after each class during the free week and unlimited month helped me seal the deal.

6) What makes this workout different from other exercises you have experienced?

I have never walked into any gym and not felt as if I was being judged until I walked through the Barre Forte studio doors. The encouragement I got from the other members made me feel immediately at ease. My body has never transformed as quickly as it has since I started Barre.

7) What is your favorite Barre move so far?

My favorite Barre move is classic chair as it has helped me tone my thighs and build muscle so that my legs aren’t so jiggly anymore – lol.

8) What results have you noticed after doing Barre consistently?

I attend Barre classes six days a week, and I have lost weight, toned my entire body, and gained self-confidence.

9) Have you experienced any benefits from Barre that have affected you not just physically, but mentally, too?

It’s been 13+ years since I committed to giving myself “me time” so joining Barre has given me 1-2 hours to exercise and unwind, have a mental break, and find balance within myself.

10) What is your favorite format besides Barre that you have participated in?

BodyFlow has become my favorite bonus class as it allows me to center myself, unwind, and improve my balance.

11) Is there anything you would like to share with potential new clients about your experience at Barre Forte?

There is zero judgement, and everyone helps each other to meet their best. You will sense women encouraging one another and building each other up. Everyone in the studio always welcomes you by name and with a friendly smile. You will meet awesome ladies wanting to better themselves.


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