February Barre Star – Veena!

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Meet our February Barre Star: Veena

Veena has taken over 150 classes at Barre Forte since starting with us in May 2017! Amazing job!

She shows up, works hard, and always has fantastic form! She has brought her friends to the Barre, participated in Bring a Boy and attended other studio events, all while kicking butt in dental school! We are impressed with her commitment to her health, and for all of these reasons, Veena has been overwhelmingly selected as our February Barre Star.

1) Where are you from, and how long have you been in Gainesville?
I was born and raised in Saint Augustine, Florida. My heritage is East Indian. My mother is from Mumbai, India and my father is from England. I went to UNF in Jacksonville,FL for my undergraduate education, where I earned a degree in Biomedical Sciences. I have been in Gainesville for about three and a half years studying dentistry at UF College of Dentistry.
2) What's your favorite Barre-themed shirt?
They are all so cute!! It’s hard to decide! I like the shirts that people earn when they get to certain bench marks and also the ones with all the cute sayings. 
3) Tell us something fun about yourself/what you do when you're not at Barre?
I am a full-time dental student. Barre is my favorite hobby!! It allows me one whole hour to focus on myself. It’s also so much fun laughing and working hard with the other girls in class. 
4) Was your first Barre class what you expected? Why or why not?
I came in May because a friend who moved to town decided to go around town and try different workout classes, but when I started Barre Forte I instantly became addicted! Ever since then I’ve wanted to come every chance I get and I’ve told everyone about how amazing it is! I danced in high school, and this really was the kind of workout that I could do everyday and love it.
5) Why did you decide to continue with Barre Forte after your free week by investing in an unlimited membership?
The ladies are so kind, helpful and motivating. But the thing that really got my attention was that you all remembered all the names of the students in your class. It felt so personal and I felt like I was being held accountable for coming. That’s the kind of motivation I needed! 
6) What makes this workout different from other exercises you have experienced?
It is really fun and has shown me a lot about how hard I can work with the right motivation!
7) What is your favorite Barre move so far? Why?
I like that’s it’s a whole body work out, but I really like the ab exercises we do at the end. It’s challenging and effective! 
8) What results have you noticed after doing Barre consistently?
I can feel my whole body getting stronger and my endurance has improved greatly. I have to maintain good posture when working in clinics all day. Barre really has strengthened my back and core and has made me more aware of my posture, which is very important!!
9) Have you experienced any benefits from Barre that have affected you not just physically, but mentally, too?
Yes absolutely! Being constantly in clinics during this last year of dental school, along with studying and preparing for boards/licensure, has been incredibly draining. Barre is where I come to recharge and center myself. It has been calming and challenging all at once. When I am focused on working a particular muscle or doing a particular move I am only focused on doing my best at that point. Barre truly does incorporate my body and mind so that I can let go of life for one hour and focus on myself. It’s been a blessing.
10) What is your favorite "bonus" class that you have participated in and why?
Bring a boy to Barre was a lot of fun and very entertaining! It was nice to show our boys what we do every day and to see them shaking and struggling with the moves just like we do! It’s not as easy as it looks!!
11) Is there anything you would like to share with potential new clients about your experience at Barre Forte? Any helpful tips for those who are considering trying Barre, but are nervous?
Just do it!! Keep going to classes and watch your body get sculpted and toned; you will never regret it!! 
12) If you are willing to share some of the details of your personal story or if you have anything to add at all, please feel free.
I am just really honored and appreciative of being considered for the February Barre Star! I love Barre Forte, which is why I come so much, but it’s so nice to know you guys care too! Finding out that I made it really was the best way to start off 2018! You all are a blessing. Thank you so much!! 

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