Back-to-Back Barre Benefits

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Back-to-Back Barre Benefits

Jackie Kenyon


You’re hooked. Barre is the best workout you’ve discovered for some time. The low-impact isometric movements allow your body to come back for more without worrying about overdoing it. Working for the burnout on all the movements helps you achieve that toned bikini-ready bod we all envy. You’ve found your routine and scheduled your workouts, but have you considered attending back-to-back classes?

You’re not crazy. A handful of BarreBabes already attend classes back-to-back, and they are quick to tell you why. Why? The benefits are incredible. Consider following up your Barre Forte class with BodyFlow: BodyFlow focuses on stretching and increasing strength, which is a useful compliment to your regular barre class. Taking this time to work into deep poses after your body is warmed up helps to achieve your goals faster, and the increased flexibility you gain helps keep your body safe while you’re pushing it during Barre Forte’s signature format. For a gentler post-Barre workout, consider following your total body toning up with restorative rolling to encourage your muscles to lengthen and relax.

When you take restorative rolling after a Barre Forte class, you give your body an opportunity to instantly release all the toxins it built up during barre. This is a wonderful way to relieve sore muscles, and to relax tight ones. Another benefit to taking restorative rolling is the calming smooth pace, which provides a great opportunity for quieting your mind. (This is also true for restorative flow and yoga.) Setting an intention for your practice enables you to focus on yourself for an hour of your crazy week. Being surrounded by a community of individuals who share your goals of getting fit and taking care of yourself is empowering, and the friends you make will help you stay accountable to yourself.

There are many other opportunities for back-to-back classes, and plenty of reasons to take them: sometimes your body just wants more. Sometimes you drink too much coffee (or eat too much turkey) and need to burn off the extra caffeine/calories. On mornings like that, I personally love to take Pilates and follow it up with Barre Forte. Sometimes I take two Barre Forte classes in a row. It’s a great feeling to push yourself and see just how much strength you’ve gained. Taking back-to-backs really highlights which muscle groups are at their peak. If you’re feeling really strong, try taking Barre Forte and following it up with Barrebata. This combo is for the barrebabes who ove a challenge (#barresohard).

Take back-to-back classes is also uber efficient. You’ll save on gas, have less laundry to do, and you’ll build stronger friendships with your fellow barrebabes in-between classes.

So, simply put, the benefits of taking back-to-back classes are; 1.) rapid results to meeting your best bod; 2.) increased strength and flexibility provided by diverse movement; 3.) efficiency through time management, and 4.) building an even stronger Barre Forte community by being a stronger YOU.


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Jackie dove into the Barre Forte GNV community in May of 2017. A dancer all her life, she was drawn to the workouts set to lively music that incorporate ballet's foundation movements. She can be found at the studio weekly, if not daily, and enjoys taking back-to-back classes when time (and energy) allow. She was a competitive ballroom dancer for Valparaiso University during her college years. She volunteers at Nubability sport camps where she is the dance coach, empowering limb-different children and training them to succeed beyond expectations. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a Master of Science in Historic Preservation, which has nothing to do with barre, but it is something she loves very much. Art museums thrill her. She enjoys drawing and painting. Jackie also loves to adventure outside, in the sea, over the mountains, and internationally. When she can't physically travel, she does so by reading books. (She's always on the lookout for new titles. Tell her what you're reading! It's a surefire way to start a conversation.) She's a Jackie-of-all-trades and she likes bad puns. You'll usually catch her on the run. She likes taking classes before afternoon. She has plans to become a BarreTender soon!