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Located in beautiful Magnolia Parke, Barre Forte is Gainesville's first and premier Barre studio. Barre Forte offers the best in Barre classes and Les Mills BodyFlow as well as beautiful and functional fitness apparel you won't find anywhere else.

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Barre Forte

Our signature barre workout is designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes and legs. Bye, bye chicken wings!

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Ready to sweat? Barre-bata incorporate Tabata-style interval training with barre moves infused with additional cardio and core segments. Get ready to feel the burn at the barre!

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This Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout builds flexibility and strength. Controlled breathing and a carefully structured series of poses, create a state of harmony and balance.

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This mat Pilates class consists of low-impact flexibility building and strengthening. Pilates' focus is to improve postural alignment, core stability, and mental and physical strength.

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Restorative Flow

This class is designed to achieve physical, mental, and emotional relaxation at a comfortable pace through a combination of postures that both stimulate and relax the body.

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Restorative Rolling

Restorative Rolling, or Myofacial release is used to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contacted muscles, improving circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex.

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The focus of the class is to combine mind, body, and breath. Yogis will learn how to practice proper techniques for improved health and flexibility.

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Vinyasa Yoga

This all-levels yoga class focuses on moving with breath flowing through different sequences that will stretch, strengthen and help detox & energize the entire body & mind.

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I have LOVED attending classes at Barre Forte! The instructors are incredibly encouraging and positive. They focus on correct form and safety, while helping you to push yourself and get your best workout. I have felt stronger and more fit, and have enjoyed the variety of classes and activities they host.

-Jennifer A.

I’ve been taking classes for 3 weeks and I can already feel the difference everywhere; most importantly in my mental health. This is the hardest workout I’ve done, especially legs and butt. Brinn and her team really invest in our wellbeing and deliver a kick-ass experience every time.

-Kim S.

Love love LOVE Barre Forte!! I am someone who does not enjoy exercising... until now!!! Barre is a fun, challenging (but do-able) fitness routine. The staff and teachers are so helpful and friendly. I never feel judged (which is rare in a fitness environment). There are people of all ages, colors, ability levels and sizes. You can modify the movements to suit your ability level, and the teachers offer modifications as well (EX: if you have a bad back, knees, etc.) The app makes it very easy to register for classes. Classes are offered beginning at 5:30am until the late evening (around 7:30/8pm), so there are plenty of options to suit your schedule! This is truly a family-like community committed to getting stronger together, building relationships, and holding each other accountable. I LOVE BARRE FORTE!!!!

-Maddie W.

I love Brinn and Barre Forte! I'm an older lady who definitely needs some modifications to some of the exercises. Brinn and her staff always offer different ways to make the workout a success! I never feel intimidated or out of place in class! I highly recommend Barre Forte!

-Lisa T.

I am an avid crossfit gal and Brinn made my body work in ways like it had never before. I highly recommend Barre Forte to everyone. It will get you in shape and challenge your core in ways you could not imagine. As hard as it was it was also a ton of fun!

-Denise D.

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Barre exercises transform beyond the body, building inner toughness and sculpting outer confidence for daily dedication and strength. Our workouts are designed to challenge and inspire so you can discover hidden resilience to take on the world in your everyday life.

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